The Seven Deadly Sins

Therapy Marketing – The Seven Deadly Sins

How can they help you?

Why do you buy anything?

The chances are that one of the seven deadly sins is at work whenever you make a buying decision. Now flip it around. How about your therapy, can you relate it to one of the deadly sins? If you do you are more likely to get a potential client to make that buying decision in your favour. Read on to find out more.

Sloth – Does your therapy make life easier for your client…

The primary reason any client chooses your therapy services is because of the benefits they may receive. You must communicate this to your potential clients at every opportunity let them know the benefits of your therapy to entice them to contact you. You need to focus on your clients needs and how your therapy meets their needs to generate new clients to have a successful practice. You must also make it easy for your potential clients to do business with you. So remove any barriers to doing business i.e. if they have to fill out a form before coming to see you – get rid of it, make sure you accept as many types of payments as you can and make sure your phone is answered when possible – don’t rely on an answerphone.

Greed – It makes your potential client more successful, more profits…you get the picture.

If your therapy helps your clients to be more successful, a better business person, a better communicator, more confident or just better at their job. Make that clear in your advertising and your website then the potential clients will be beating a path to your door. Greed does not have to be about money or wealth. People are greedy to have more self-confidence, self-worth and happiness and why not!

Envy – If your potential clients want to be just like everyone else.

Most clients want to be just like their friends. Show them how your therapy can help them achieve that. Be it success, looks, feelings, beliefs, comfort, pain free or happiness. Make them shine from the inside so they can invoke envy in the friends or at least feel as if they can.

Gluttony – Go on, eat as much as you like, you’ll lose weight!

Be careful here there are ethical issues. A certain well known hypnotist says just this and makes millions. But every client wants the ‘magic pill’ see if you can turn that around to a more reasonable expectation. They might appreciate your honesty.

Pride – Once they have had this treatment they will feel really good about themselves.

Give your clients a good reason to feel good about themselves and they will come back for more. This will lift their self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence, what more could they want. Not only that but they will tell all their friends and that’s just what YOU want.

Lust – After this therapy you’ll be fighting them off.

If you can make your potential clients look good or feel better about their looks tell them. Make them feel sexy and self-confident and all their friends will notice and comment. It’s a powerful motivator (probably the most powerful to some) they wont be able to resist and you will be the envy of your competitors.

Wrath – Some people are really angry with themselves.

Let your clients feel angry about the old them so they feel motivated to change. If you can make your clients feel more relaxed or happier about themselves it’s worth a fortune to them. But be careful if you fail to do so their wrath might be turned on you so make sure you can deliver what you promise.

Make sure you apply the seven deadly sins to your therapy marketing every chance you get. Apply it to your website, leaflets, flyers etc.

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